Lynn Easton's Tips For Making a Bedroom Feel Like a Luxury Hotel

Co-Founder of Easton Porter Group and creative visionary behind Zero George, Lynn Easton is an expert in transforming spaces with her classic style. With accolades from Vogue, Martha Stewart, Southern Weddings and Town & Country, Lynn is widely recognized as one of the industry’s premier interior designers. Lynn ensures that every Easton wedding, event and property is styled to perfection, and we are so proud to have her leading our team.

Here are four of Lynn Easton’s tips for making a bedroom feel like a luxury hotel.

1. Fresh Flowers or Cut Greens

As much as I’d love to have fresh flowers and greenery in every room of my house, that’s unreasonable given how much maintenance they require. But there are two places I always have something living – the kitchen and the master bedroom.  If fresh flowers are too high maintenance, cut some greenery from your yard and throw it in a pretty vase and place it on the nightstands. You’ll be amazed at how much this dresses up the room and makes it feel special.

2. Triple Sheeting

Triple sheeting is a fancy hotelier trick that involves layering a thin blanket or comforter between two starched sheets. This method makes the bed feel crisp and clean, and in actuality is also very cost-effective and efficient, as the blanket can be laundered less often and it eliminates the need for a duvet cover.

To triple sheet at home, I suggest using crisp bed linens with a high thread count (I love Sferra), tuck everything in nice and tight, and add some soft layered elements like plush pillows and a cashmere throw. Five-star treatment! Check out this tip in Lynn’s feature in Real Simple.

3. Incorporate a Neutral Color Palate

I am a neutral addict, if such a thing exists! I firmly believe that a neutral color palate leads to a calm, serene sense of mind, and nowhere can you feel this more tangibly than in a bedroom. At our hotel, Zero George, each guestroom is decorated in a soft, neutral palate of pale blues, beiges and creamy whites. We think that using neutrals in bedding, drapery and upholstery helps turn the bedroom into a peaceful space to escape from all the chaos of the day.

4. It’s the Little Things

For your guest room, there are a few little touches that don’t take much effort and really can make your guests feel like they are staying in a five-star hotel. Here are a few of my favorite:

-Bedside carafe and glasses of water

-The latest magazines personalized for your guests

-Small bud vase of fresh flowers and a welcome note

-Sound machine

-Nice hangers in the closet

-Folding luggage rack

With these small tips and tricks, you can completely transform your living space. Not only will your guests feel more welcome and comfortable, but you’ll feel like you’re living in luxury. See these tips in action and get more inspo when you book your room at Zero George!


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