Aerial View of Charleston
Charleston Aerial View

Broad Street buildings
Broad Street Buildings

About Charleston

A reverent nod to yesterday; a big high-five to today

Don’t for a minute think we’re not as enamored with classic porticos, manicured gardens, hallowed churches and the relics of plantation wealth as anyone else. We’re smitten by Charleston’s gorgeous and illustrious past, but what really thrills us is where the Holy City is today. We’re proud to welcome you to a region where the arts are booming, where young families are living and working, where tech firms and medical researchers are at the forefront of innovation. Charleston has plenty to offer the history and architecture buff, and equally as much to excite anyone who loves great music, fabulous cuisine, professional theater, world-class shopping and any-and-everything active outdoors (well, sorry snow skiers). Whether you love the beach or a decadent bakery, a swank boutique or a glorious old building, we’ve got you covered. And we can’t wait to point you toward some of top-notch galleries and secret spots that reveal this old city’s cutting-edge energy.

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