Q&A with Happy Menocal

Zero George recently had the pleasure of hosting New York City-based artist Happy Menocal. When she wasn’t creating gorgeous paintings of the property using her signature combination of bright and cheery watercolors, colored pencils, and ink, Menocal spent her time relaxing on the Zero George terrace, enjoying biscuits sourced from Callie’s Charleston Biscuits, visiting with friends, and dining at some of her favorite Charleston restaurants. Read on for a Q&A about her stay.

Q: Your signature bright and cheery palette really brought out Zero George’s take on Charleston charm. Were there any colors that you used more than others or that you made sure to use in order to highlight certain features of the hotel?

A: I love the chalky color of the stucco on the building that houses the kitchen/reception. The slate grey shutters. Those pink blossoms on the tree in the courtyard. The minty green bikes. There’s just this sort of soft patina on everything in Charleston; it merits its own Instagram filter.

Q: What was your favorite spot at Zero George? Is there any experience that you would tell guests to be sure to take advantage of?

A: Oh, hands down the breakfast on the terrace. The biscuits!!! The jam. I am still dreaming about them. Really, truly the best biscuits I’ve ever had, and this is not my first biscuit rodeo.

Q: Describe your perfect day in Charleston.

A: Jog on the Battery. Aforementioned biscuit breakfast. Visit my friend Anne at Stems, pick up a little bouquet, stop by my grandmother’s place. Lunch at Butcher & Bee or Xiao Bao. Drinks and oysters at The Ordinary, dinner at Chez Nous. Late night amble around town.

Q: What are your next projects?

Right now the things I’m most excited about are some murals and branding, menus, etc. I’m doing for a restaurant and a nightclub in Miami, both of which will open in the fall. [Also be on the look-out for stationary that features her watercolors of Zero George, out soon!]


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