Fort Sumter

Many guests visiting historic Charleston express interest in the American Civil War and the area’s influence on a once divided nation.  The Civil War is arguably the most influential historical event in United States history and it all started right here in Charleston, South Carolina.  Best known as the birthplace of the Civil War, Confederate soldiers open-fired upon the Union-based Fort, officially beginning the American Civil War at the Battle at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861. Now a National Monument, Fort Sumter is composed of three historic sites in Charleston including the original Fort Sumter, the Fort Sumter Education Center, and Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island.

Fort Sumter is one of Charleston’s most visited attractions.  Guests can access Fort Sumter by a thirty minute ferry ride from the Fort Sumter Visitor Center or Patriot’s Point.  The Visitor Education Center’s museum features exhibits about the disagreements between the Northern Union and the Confederate South that led to the incidents at Fort Sumter and its catalytic role during the Civil War.

For those interested in visiting the Fort Sumter National Monument, Zero George is located within walking distance from the Visitor Center.  We highly recommend this attraction for anyone wishing to learn more about the dramatic history of the American Civil War.  Please feel free to contact our knowledgeable concierge team to customize a trip that works with your schedule or visit for more information.

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