February 15, 1846

The places we live, work, and conduct our daily lives in are kind of like us. The look and feel of these structures may change over time, but their history is what makes them interesting and worth getting to know.

Today, the historical buildings of Zero Green have the luxury to accommodate and host our wonderful array of guests.  However, when Benjamin Du Pré first constructed these Charleston style “single houses” in 1804, they were simply the homes of individual families.

Over the years, the property changed many hands and wore many hats. At one point, foreshadowing perhaps the property’s future as Zero George, it even found itself as a boarding house, providing food and lodging for those visiting Charleston.

Recently unearthed, archived letters dating back to February 15, 1846 (169 years ago) provide an interesting glimpse into this particular chapter of Zero George’s 200-year story. The author wrote of her stay at the house and, among other things, of the widowed and strong-willed Mrs. Du Pré, devoted both to her children and her business.

Eventually, in 1874, the property’s neighboring lot was bought and, together, the two formed what we now know today as “Maison Du Pré”—at once preserving the legacy of the Du Pré family and serving as a reminder of Zero George’s rich and interesting past.

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