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Andrew Cebulka is one of three talented photographers leading private photography tours of Charleston with Zero George’s Photography Package.

Andrew hails from Delaware, home of Dogfish Head Brewery and “the best crabcakes he’s ever had,” but the south has stolen his heart, and we hope he’s here to stay. We are fortunate to have snagged Andrew to lead photography tours, and can’t wait to see what we can learn from him.

We caught up with Andrew for a quick Q&A:

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What do you like most about being a photographer?

I LOVE photography for a number of reasons; every day/job is different so I never feel a lack of challenge with my work, I enjoy the instant gratification and hold dearly to the fact that my imagery becomes a record of history.​


Tell me about your favorite shooting location in the Charleston area.

​My favorite shooting location…hmmmm, like who is my favorite child, hard to say.  I do default to wandering in Hampton Park in the northern part of the peninsula.  It holds historical value [site of the first memorial day as well as being designed by the great landscape architect Frederick Olmstead who designed Central Park in NYC and the Biltmore Estate in NC among many others], its grounds are typically immaculately kept by the city of Charleston AND it is a wonderful place to climb trees.  Second to this location would be the alleys and corridors south of Broad st.  I have learned of a number of nondescript gems where ivy covered walls, cobblestone streets and overflowing fauna are abundant.​


Can you share a photo that you have taken that you think perfectly captures the city of Charleston?

​This image comes from a body of work I have started where I incorporate the technique of in camera multiple exposure complemented by everyday scenes found in Charleston.  This photo represents Charleston to me in that is speaks to the grandness and elegance of our southern city while also acknowledging its contemporary place as a destination for guests from beyond our city limits.  We are a port city that has historically been a place for persons passing through as well as others whom would go on to establish deep roots.



Quick and easy tip for taking better photos today?

Give the image some “breathing” room.  I find that pulling back just a bit from the initial frame allows me to establish a sense of place and time.  9 times out of 10 I find that I can get a more balanced feel by just adding a bit more space in the composition.  And do not be afraid to explore different vantage points.  I often ask, “how would a child’s perspective see this” or “what about looking from the top, down” or “what will happen if I frame this in the lower portion of the frame”….do not fear opening one’s mind to a different perspective.  I often default to what I am comfortable with, changing that perspective has led me to insights I never thought possible!


Contact the concierge team to set up 3 or 5 hour photography tours, or a 1-on-1 lesson with Andrew. We can’t wait to get out there and start shooting!


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