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The brick facade of a carriage house at Zero George


The footprint where Zero George Street currently resides is composed of two lots that at one point in time were part of a tract of land known as the “Federal Green.”   The land, owned by famous American patriot Christopher Gadsden, was eventually divided into six wharf lots and 197 back lots around the turn of the 19th century.

Between 1803-05, a gentleman by the name of Benjamin Du Pré constructed a two-story wooden Federal Style house on a high brick basement along with an accompanying two-story brick outbuilding on Lot 4 (315 East Bay Street.) After several exchanges of the property, it wasn’t until 1874 when Charles Seignious, the neighbor at 317 East Bay Street, purchased the property.  This transaction brought the two lots together to form what is today affectionately called Maison Du Pré.

1980 Plat

Christopher Gadsden


Unknown to many, two of the five buildings on the property are a recent addition to Zero George Street.  While both buildings are well over 150 years old they were moved to their current location in the late 20th century.

The two-and-a-half story Charleston single house that fronts East Bay Street once resided at 40 Calhoun Street while the three story Charleston single house lining George Street was located at 38 Calhoun Street.

In the late 20th century, John M. Rivers Jr. planned to construct a parking lot for an adjacent commercial building at the former site of the two residential buildings.  Feeling a moral obligation to see that the houses were treated as well as possible, Mr. Rivers offered both buildings to anyone willing to move them – contributing $5,000 per house to assist with moving costs.  Later that year Lucille Mulholland relocated both houses to their current location at our Charleston luxury hotel, preserving two historic structures.


1945 Plat of 38 and 40 Calhoun

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