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Salt Water Marsh Charleston South Carolina

The Lowcountry

The South Carolina Lowcountry embodies the ambiance of the South. Spanning the southern coastal regions of the state, the area offers an abundance of natural beauty.

Miles of pristine beaches line the outer coast of this region.  Washing away the tracks of ghost crabs and sea turtles, the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean constantly shapes and reshapes the coastal topography.

Barrier islands and inland waterways are bound by vast expanses of salt water marshlands. Leaping fish break the tranquility of the slow moving tidal creeks while the distant rustling of birds in flight draws the eye to a seamless transition between emerald green marsh grass and horizon.

Charleston Area Beaches Charleston South Carolina


Further inland, century live oak groves draped with Spanish moss knot and turn over towering brick columns and crumbling walls of old church ruins.  The kaleidoscope of light and shadow cast through the thick forest canopy offers a hauntingly beautiful setting that forever draws in the imagination of a bygone era. This is the beauty, the relaxation, and the enigma of the Lowcountry.


Salt Water Marsh Charleston South Carolina

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Old Sheldon Church Ruins, South Carolina

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